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The Benefits of Training Krav Maga go Far beyond just Physical

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Discover the scientific facts about the positive link between movement and self-esteem, and help your child discover just how many amazing things their body can do.

The feel-good factor

Let’s start with the basics: why is it important to exercise? The benefits of exercising include improvements to self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as a reduction in stress. The relationship between physical exercise and mental health is undeniable. So, if your child is exercising regularly, they're likely to feel better about themselves and their body, regardless of whether the exercise is changing their shape. Plenty of studies have proven that regular exercise improves our body image and sense of self.

Within our kid's self-defense classes, your child will be sweating and be moving in a way that just feels fun to them. Not only will they be learning defenses to real-life attacks, but they will be boosting their self-esteem and lowering their stress along the way!

Mindful movement

When you think of children and exercise, your mind might be full of frantic playgrounds or loud soft play centers – but movement can be a chance for children to slow down, too. When movement is done mindfully, it helps us focus on our breathing and being present in the moment.

Children are under a lot of stress and pressure – juggling school work, extracurricular activities, socializing, and life online. That’s where the importance of physical activity comes in. Giving them a chance to calmly connect with their mind without the distractions of daily life is vital to their health and wellness.

Adolescence and new activities

Like any other hobby, sports and self-esteem are closely linked. But, it can be a struggle for children to find an accessible physical activity that interests them, especially if the only examples of exercise they see are ultra-marathons or Olympic weightlifting. But they don’t have to be a sports captain or prima ballerina to feel the benefits of being active – they just need to find an activity they enjoy (like Krav Maga :) that gets their body moving

Research by the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation showed girls often reject activities they previously enjoyed during adolescence. However, as this is a time when their self-esteem is likely to be fragile, continuing with an activity they love or trying something new could give their confidence a much-needed boost.

Make it social

Taking a sports or fitness class with friends means your child will gain just as much socially as physically. Usually, exercising with friends is more fun, which makes us more likely to stick with it.

Explain that exercise makes us stronger in many ways

If your child has a strong interest in a particular sport or athlete, talk about their strengths. Professional athletes have mental strength, self-discipline, determination, and leadership skills, as well as being at the peak of physical fitness for their sport.

Keep your child focused on how they feel, not how they look

Aspiring to a “media perfect” or elite athlete’s body is neither realistic nor helpful. If your child starts criticizing their body, remind them that the goal is to stay healthy and for their body to do the job they’re asking it to do.

Try out a free class

You never know what your Child's passion may be. If you’re in the Murrieta, Wildomar, or Lake Elsinore area, be sure to stop by California Defense Academy and schedule a free Krav Maga self-defense class for your child today. It just may be the perfect skill-building workout that they fall in love with!

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