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Is Krav Maga OK to teach kids?

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Here at California Defense Academy, we get questions from a lot of concerned parents who want to know if their kids will be able to learn Krav Maga, and more importantly if it’s safe for them to learn in the first place.

These are good questions, but the answers might be simpler than you’d think. Thousands of kids all over the world benefit from learning Krav Maga every day, and your son or daughter might just be ready to join them. Krav Maga for kids is a safe, fun and beneficial practice for your kids to learn, and here are some of the reasons why.

Kids Are in Good Hands

The most important thing to know is that, far from being a dangerous undertaking, Krav Maga is actually a safer discipline for your child to learn than many full-contact sports. Kids who train in self-defense at California Defense Academy are exposed to full-contact drills at advanced levels, but the training is controlled and there is far less risk for concussive injury than there is in many youth sports -- like football, basketball, or even baseball.

And speaking of control, your Childs class will be lead by someone who has been teaching this style of training to kids for 18 years who has an engaged and hands-on approach to making sure all their students know the ropes. We train children to be careful and responsible with Krav Maga. Every kid who walks through our doors is going to be learning safety and technique from a qualified instructor in a secure and attentive environment, making Krav Maga one of the most effective and low-risk ways to teach your child how to defend themselves.

Kids Learn Situational Awareness

Your children won’t just be learning how to defend against attackers, but also how to identify a possible threat in the first place, and take appropriate measures to keep themselves safe. Krav Maga for children teaches situational awareness the art of knowing who, when and where to look out for trouble.

Everyone uses situational awareness to some degree in their daily life, but they mainly use unconscious situational awareness; in other words, they react to danger when danger is already occurring. Conscious situational awareness -- being alert and taking precautions to make sure you or your friends don’t wind up in a fix with someone who’s up to no good -- is an important part of making the most of the practice. All the best self-defense techniques in the world won’t do much good for someone who doesn’t know how to use them, and situational awareness is a key aspect of learning Krav Maga for kids.

Krav Maga for children includes teaching your kids about suspicious body language and what types of situations leave them most vulnerable to attack, as well as the spots those attacks most commonly take place in. This naturally enhances many of their most vital self-defense instincts, and if worst comes to worst, they’ll be prepared if something happens. Furthermore, conditioning them in the art of situational awareness also helps them make conscious choices about their safety.

It’s no secret that kids can be vulnerable to danger, and Krav Maga is an invaluable tool for them to know what to do in case the worst-case scenario comes true. It’s never too early to start teaching Krav Maga for children. The best offense is a good defense, and our practice is a great way to teach them how to sidestep danger, or how to quell it if all else fails.

Krav Maga Teaches Focus and Discipline

Obviously, Krav Maga is a great way to learn how to handle yourself and keep in shape, but it’s also so much more than that. In many ways Krav Maga isn’t just a form of self-defense, it’s also a way of life. It has valuable lessons to teach about dedication, responsibility, and grace under pressure.

The things your kids learn in these classes can carry on to all aspects of their daily routine, from fending off bullies to tackling homework. Krav Maga for children will use every ounce of your son or daughter’s energy and teach them how to focus it in useful and productive ways.

Krav Maga for kids is still rigorous, and not everything about it will be easy for them to master, but that hard work will bring your kids incomparable physical as well as mental satisfaction. Your child will see their own abilities improve day by day, and the self-confidence that comes with knowing they’re fit and skilled enough to deflect any bully or attacker that comes their way is something they’ll carry with them their whole lives.

Wrapping It All Up

Krav Maga for children isn’t just safe; it does a world of good for their body and mind and lets them know how to solve trouble with the greatest of ease. If you’re searching for a unique, exhilarating and rewarding discipline that will teach your kids valuable lessons as they head into the real world, look no further.

If you’ve been thinking about getting your child into Krav Maga, call 951-387-6449 and let one of our instructors tell you how your child can start their journey today. Not only is it great for adults, but Krav Maga does wonders for kids too!

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